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10 Years of Power (Less) by Lucho Davila

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

'10 Years of Power (less)' talks about political history and takes its main inspiration from the dictatorial 'democracy' that ruled Ecuador between 2007 - 2017 during Rafael Correa's mandate.

Through this project, the artist reflects on five different corruption cases, the most important ones, that took place during Rafael Correa's dictatorship, which was strategically allied with Hugo Chavez, that started with the 'Socialism of the 21st-century' movement in Latin America.


Styling: Teresa Serrano - @teinternational

MUAH: Rebeca Martín - @rebecca.martin.mua

Model: Pilar Sarrión - @pilarsarrion

Photography: Lucho Dávila @iamtrece


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