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'Cyanea Capillata' by Liza Schegolkova

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Liza Schegolkova is a Russian photographer based in Moscow. She is attracted by the splendour of nature and its inhabitants. As a result, she created ‘Cyanea Capillata’, dedicating the project to the sea creature, also known as Lion’s mane jellyfish.

She is passionate about clothes and fashion and she looks to combine the wonderful world of animals and her love for unusual clothing. Together with Fashion Designer Anna Derzhavina, they have created a visual narrative that explores the hidden world of sea creatures, what is unseen by the naked eye and the questions that always arise when trying to decipher their secrets.


Photographer Liza Schegolkova / @pieelizaveta

Model Nikita Chursin / @peaar_us

Fashion Designer Anna Derzhavina / @mistakeoftime

Makeup Artist Mikhalina Julia / @mikhalinajulia


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