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'Eccentric' by Elizaveta Barashova


Model Fashion Show Producer Fashion & Accessory Designer Plekhanova Mariya Safian / @safianfashion

Photography Elizaveta Barashova / @elizabet_net

Hair Stylist Model Mariya Kurnyakova / @afro_sev_mari

Fashion Designer Accessory Designer Natalia Plekhanova / @kamsafiyan

Stylist Model Alyona Grischuk / @alenagrishuk_stylist

Makeup Artist Kristina Plut / @tintina_p

Model Ekaterina Pereverzeva / @katerinakam2811

Wardrobe Credits

Collection "Eccentric"

Leather collection from Brand "Safyan"

Author/producer/designer Maria Plekhanova

Main Brand (DNA): natural materials (here leather), more details. Basically, we associate the collection with cyberpunk. Each piece made by our brand is combined with the basic wardrobe, giving elegance and brutality to the image.

Location Crimea

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