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HEAVY BLONDE by Julia Alexandra

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Julia Alexandra S. Is a Romanian/Israeli photographer based in London working with both

still and moving images - with rich colours and constructed narratives. Her work explores

female identity, beauty ideals and consumerism, through self-portraiture and staged

photography. She often depicts the stories of others through her projects, using the body

as a medium, masks or digital software to alter her physical appearance.

"Through a series of self-portraits and an oversized beehive, Heavy Blonde allowed me to look at misconceptions and myths that surround blonde women. I had anonymous participants that shared their experiences or pieces of advice, some were spicier, others flirtatious, creating, as a result, the character, or characters, that you now have in front of you."


Photography: Julia Alexandra S. / / @julialexandra6

Photography Assistant: Lucho Davila / / @iamtrece

Styling: Andrew Christian / @itsandrewchristiam


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