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'ICARUS' by Cael Devers

This series of images and garments were created and shot by Cael Devers, inspired by Ovid's Metamorphosis and specifically the Icarus story.

"Through this series, I intend to present the Icarus story through a working-class queer lens. Creating a piece instilled with the same didactic qualities as Ovid's own writing, intending to showcase the beauty behind queer desire, ambition, strength, and resilience. I looked at how 21st-century queer working-class artists need to hold onto their ambition and instill themselves with these qualities to survive the same proverbial distortion and abuse that the Icarus character suffered through the story’s modern-day retellings. I think this piece can be simplified through this quote:

“live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse”.


Photography & Creative Direction Cael Devers / @caeldevers

Model Zev Messy / @zevmessy

Makeup Raffaella Zahra / @raffie.exe


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