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'La Fin' - A fashion Film

'Welcome to "LaFin", an artistic experience that mixes dance with visual narratives exploring the global threats facing humanity. With this editorial we seek to immerse the audience in a world where dance becomes the medium of expression that reflects uncertainty and resistance to challenges such as the climate threat, wars, economic crises and pandemics".

What gave you the idea to create “La Fin”, How did it start?

La Fin appeared as a need to respond to the global threats that humanity has faced in recent years until 2024 through an artistic and powerful way. At Minimal Studio we wanted to express all that anger about climate threats, wars. economic crises or pandemics. We use the body of the dancers as a vehicle to transmit all those sensations through dance and to explore the connection between the strength of existence trying to resist these uncontrollable forces.

Tell us more about the team behind the project.

Mara Salvador and Tamara Boza are the creators of this project produced by the talented team at Minimal Studio. An audiovisual production company committed to creating exceptional visual experiences. Inspired by the growing need for fresh and exciting content in our society, we have perfected the art of storytelling. Each project we approach is designed as a singular narrative, charged with meaning and with the ability to establish a deep connection with the audience. Not only do we create videos, but we give life to visual experiences that remain in the memory.

What is the response you expect from the public?

We wanted to transcend the conventional limits of visual art to make it an interactive experience and provoke a reaction in the audience. Our idea is not only to represent a work of art, but to actively involve the public by strengthening the connection between audience and work and inviting them to reflect on the reality of the world in which we live.

The objective of the project was from the beginning to create another version of fashion as a form of artistic expression to tell a compelling story and bring it closer to the reality of the global challenges facing the planet.

Are you planning on continuing the project in the future?

Absolutely, our intention is to continue planning and developing projects like La Fin as a critical vehicle to approach new situations and challenges that may arise. We conceive this artistic expression as a powerful tool to impact and raise awareness among our audience.

We always hear how fashion is bad for the environment. Tell us how you used it in a positive way.

We are very aware of this situation, so the theme of the project aims to address the problems related to climate change and that is why we decided to have the designer Yvan Andreu, that uses fashion in a positive way to approach sustainability. His style is based on technological advancement as a symbol of a better future. This implies that this fashion brand not only cares about aesthetics and fashion but also integrates concepts of sustainability and progress in its designs. It uses bright colors and sensory textures as a focus on mixing natural and technological elements allowing people to root with nature. In addition, his creations take movement and life in the body of the dancers, bringing them harmony and special connection with the planet. This approach suggests that fashion is not only an artistic expression but also a tool to connect with people and foster a more harmonious relationship with nature.

Do you have a message for the artists out there?

Our message to all artists is to use the power of their work to approach and reflect on the global realities that affect us so that we can all raise awareness in society and create a better world. Through art we can offer a different perspective to change things and create a more conscious and human society.


Creative director Art Director Tamara Boza / @tamarabozarte

Hair Makeup Esther Pacheco / @estherpacheco_muah

Director Camera Operator Mara Salvador / @marasalvadors

Wardrobe Stylist Natalia Moreno / @more_stylist

Hair Stylist Angel Diez / @angeldiezestilistas

Editor Alex Gonzalez / @visualexfx

Fashion Designer Yvan Andreu / @yvanandreu

Producer Minimal Studio / @theminimalstudiovideo

Director of Photography Claudio Jr. Fontanin / @claudiofontanin_dop

Assistant Manuel Torres / @manueldragoste

Makeup Artist Paula Caralimpio / @paula_makeup_49

Photographer Tamara Lucker /

BTS Mar Hernandez / @mhd.shots

Gaffer Davit Simonyan / @davitsimonyan_

Equipment Rental Mira Digital /

Atrezzo Skool City / @skoolcity

Dancer Starling / @_starling_

Dancer Jorge Vidal / @jorge_vidal

Dancer Eduardo Torres / @edualchemy

Dancer Maria Pilar Martinez / @marie_lemon_

Dancer Onça Preta / @mestreoncarpeta

Dancer Sergio Sanz / @sergiosanz3d

Dancer Camila Manzano / @camilaenrama

Dancer Berto Fernandez Cabeza / @bertask8

Dancer Car Roda / @car.roda


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