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'La Folie' by Jessica Batson

Jessica Batson is a director based out of Chicago, IL. Driven by highly-conceptualized and aesthetically ornate content, Jessica tells stories through quirky comedy and strong feminine characters. Jessica directs commercial, brand and art films.

'La Folie was such a treat to work on! Living in a world where color and visuals are the story, we really enjoyed experimenting with what we wanted to say. I tend to work around general themes of daydreaming, curiosity and child-like boredom. La Folie exudes those visuals that inspire wonderment. Thanks to all the hard-working collaborators who brought this vision to life'.

BTS from La Folie


Director Jessica Batson / @jessbatson

DP Joe Martinez Jr. / @instajammer

Costume Designer Abigail Searls / @abigaildorotheasearls

Hair Stylist Tiffany Anderson / @call_me_tifff

Makeup Artist Jenny Lynn Bouton / @jennybouton

Steadicam Dae Hyun Kim / @day_by_dae

1st AC Paul Lai / @pl_art

Gaffer Max Goldberg / @maxgoldberg

Grip Connor Carmody

BTS Photographer Miles Kerr / @mileskerrdp

Talent Joey Ohls / @blkboymagic

Talent Kate Lý Johnston / @katelyj

Talent Madison Wyborny / @madisonwyborny


Editor Alanna Schmelter / @imschmelting

Co-Producer Jonathan Becker / @becker_film

Color Producer Paul DeKams / @pdk26

Color Maria Carretero / @carretero.color

Color Assist José Font / @fontbullrich

Color Assist Matthew Annitto / @mannitto_

Digital Effects Jessica Lawheed / @max_appian

Design Cameron Spencer / @cameronandthespencers

Music Holizna

Special Thanks to:

The House of Kindness

Nice Shoes @niceshoesonline


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