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Man of the hour Blake Johnston and his new single - In Your Fenty

"As a fashion photographer and cinematographer, I had the pleasure of working with Blake to create this visually stunning and emotionally captivating piece. In the interview, we delve into Blake's background as an artist and how the music video came to be" - Logan Poe

Introduce yourself to the audience. Who are you?

My name is Blake Johnston, I'm a creative, I like to call myself a designer, artist, primarily musician. I'm from Newport News Virginia currently living in Brooklyn New York. Just exploring and enjoying life.

We are here to talk to you about your single 'In Your Fenty' today. Can you just tell us a bit about what inspired you to write the song?

I wanna say maybe in like 2019 or 2018 the guitar riff came to me. And guitar players know this but when you get something that just feels good in your hands and makes you sound good, or just taps a certain spot musically for you, you tend to play it over and over and eventually you tend to get really comfortable with and just becomes part of your ear and kind of part of your approach to music and stuff. I had this riff for a while and eventually I met a person that inspired words that happened to connect perfectly with the guitar riff. First I wrote the chorus and at first that's all I had for a minute. That's how I started.

So how did the rest of the song come to be? How did you land on the idea for the video, getting the rest of the lyrics and everything?

The rest of the lyrics honestly came from the creative process of really having to just be like ok, this is really cool sounding but I have to make this a song I have to really sit down and develop what I am trying to portray.

I think one time I sat down and got a float for the first verse going and then kind of just lost courage. I got so locked into one verse and the chorus sounded cool to me and then loving how it sounded instrumentally and then eventually I sat down again and the words just came to me. I decided to switch some of the cadences with the words and just get into a phase of just turning my mic on, spitting sounds or words or whatever, just trusting it. And then going back, I do that with lyrics like I might just spit some ideas, and a lot of people do, spitting ideas out and it turned into this cool-sounding song. I met Logan, and I felt like the song was more elevated in a way, musically, and I liked how his colours and aesthetics were very elevated and I thought he would be a cool match. I think I sent him two songs, it was another song kind of similar, sexy feel, elevated feel.

He was cool, and I think we shot pictures first and connected that way and here we are, now we have a cool video. Honestly, he took the lead mostly artistically but actually I wanted to incorporate my girlfriend, that this song is actually about, into the video and she is a model and Logan is an excellent videographer so it all came together. [...]

Interview by Logan Poe

Subject & Musician Blake Johnston / @yeablakejohnston

Director & Cinematographer Logan Poe / @poe.logan

Main Actress Gabby / @ __blue.roses

Stylist Virginia Estrada / @mystcuriosity


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