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'Mecha Mermaid' by Masuf Ahmed

The siren x cyborg in this shoot represents the evolution of life, blurring the boundaries between organic and mechanical elements. Against the murky backdrop of the swamp, this creature reminds us of our increasing dependence on technology as an extension of the body, while also inviting us to consider the possibilities and consequences of this transformation. Ultimately, this shoot encourages us to reflect on the interplay between technology and nature and to embrace the potential of human evolution.


Photography Masuf Ahmed / @wired_kim

Creative Director Messy Masha / @messy_masha

Model Isabella Browne / @isagbrowne

Makeup Artist Marisa Reif / @makeupmarisanyc

Fashion Designer Grace Jung / @cosmic.worm

Accessory Designer Yixuan Liu / @yaogeezi

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