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'Nothing Gold Can Stay' by LiuYun

"Inspired by the poetic atmosphere of fantasy folk songs at the end of summer, summer is gone forever, and everything gilded is lost. Rock music, hippies, wavy hair, neon lights, aimless wandering. A kind of joy and loss about "disappearance".


Photography Creative Direction Retouching LiuYun / @liuyun_photographer

Makeup Hairstyling Lixin

Fashion Designer Hahhhsis / @hahhhsis

Wardrobe Stylist 婧婕 / @婧婕

Model Yuqi / @jinyuqi_model

Model Lixuan

Wardrobe Stylist 金鸽

Space Cooling Gallery

Wardrobe Credits

Fashion Design Hahhhsis / @hahhhsis


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