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The Pretty Reckless Tour, 'Death by Rock and Roll, wrapped up in London

With people coming from Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy, to name a few, the sold-out concert took the O2 Academy in Brixton by surprise. The queue that went viral, fought against the cold and rain, excited to see the American band. Their patience and devotion were awarded with an impressive two hours show, a nostalgic walk on memory lane with songs such as 'Miss Nothing', 'Make me wanna die' and 'My Medicine', but with newer hits as well from the band's album 'Death by Rock and Roll' such as 'Only Love can save me now' and 'Witches Burn'.

The impressive crowd was welcomed and warmed up by the opening band ' The Cruel Knives' with the theme song from 'The Shining' which was very well-received, getting everybody goosebumps. The Alternative band prepared everybody with energising songs such as 'Shotgun', the one that got everybody jumping, taking the public by surprise. It was a nice and strong addition to what was going to be a show that lasted a total of three hours. The Cruel Knives know a thing or two about the atmosphere and the epic. You can check them out here to see what I'm talking about.

Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless took the stage by force with an impressive intro, 'Death by Rock and Roll' perhaps being heard all over London. Every song and every lyric was accompanied by fans, and every break between songs cheered and applauded, making every single moment one to be remembered. The ending? Well, there is no such thing as an ending as they left and came back to the stage several times, fans simply refusing it to ever end. And who can get enough of that? There was merch thrown from the stage, instruments, ending the addictive show by taking everybody there into a euphoric state, one that will be remembered and last without a doubt until their next tour in London.

The Pretty Reckless Concert on Black & White Film


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