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'The Stylist ...' by Federico Cambria

"The stylist" is a light and funny reflection on the iconic rule of Barbie in the pop culture.

In the era of innovation and sustainability, we created a world where Barbie reinvents herself as a visionary ecological designer: she uses balloons. Balloons represent sustainability and recycling. Our Barbie is dressed with balloons and lives in a vibrant balloon world, and Victoria ,the model, wears 70's reloaded looks for textures, shapes and vibrations. The relation with the model is funny, ironic and inspired by the glam vibe of a 70's free world.


Photography Creative Direction Federico Cambria / @fedecambria

Creative Director Photographer Retoucher Paolo Dall'Ara /

Makeup Artist Alisia Adam / @alisia.adam

Wardrobe Stylist Tulli Straf / @tullistraf

Model Victoria Lomnasan / @victorialomnasan represented by Fashion Model Management Milan

Wardrobe Credits

2 - Dress by House of Amen Shoes by Luciano Padovan

8 - Dress / boots by Collini Milano

10- Dress by House Of Amen Shoes by Unisa

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