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'Thicker Than Water' by Dana Tolesh

'I think everybody knows that feeling when you've been away from home for a long while.

Everybody says - home is where the heart is, where family is. And even though your ancestors are the true meaning of the word "nomad", even though you don't have the exact same mentality, as their habits and you live thousands of kilometres away, this doesn't make you less like them.

Because blood is thicker than water.

And when you finally return "home", that feeling sneaks up on you, even though you thought you hadn't felt it for a long time. That feeling that you're home, after being away for a long while'.


Photography Art Direction Dana Tolesh / @bydanatolesh

Videographer Milko Marinov / @eye.vs.eye

Stylist Makeup Artist Akhtemov Dilyar / @kkdilyar

Agency Silence Model Management / @silencemodels / @silencemodelsmen

Casting Director Diana Shtukkert / @di_shtukkert

Casting Director Sultan Kultayev / @sulioscout

Talent Diana / @diiya.n

Talent Asem / @beanclaw

Talent Inkar / @urmomcara

Talent Ayan / @ayanwizard

Retouching Alina Mikhailova / @alinarte.retouch

Special Thank You Aiman Tuleshova, Sholpan Dzhumagazieva, Chingis Ismail

Wardrobe Credits

Paper Moon / @papermoon_official

Cut A Dash / @cutadash_official

Nera Wenera / @nera_wenera

Qanaker / @qanaker

Kenzo / @kenzo


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