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'When you choose to be a stranger' by Iaroslava Frolova

'This is a story of a girl who hides her true identity. Every day she appears in her regular places but she wears different masks to be a stranger there. Her fear is to be rejected, and this fear realises each time she is trying to avoid it. She tries, again and again, to merge with the environment, but she never succeeds. She is an Alien to her environment'.

Full Editorial by Iaroslava Frolova now available in the second issue of WhenWithYou!


Photography Iaroslava Frolova / @manly.img

Talent Kashintseva Elizaveta / @kashintseva_elizaveta

Hair Stylist Alexandra Migovich / @mishumakeup

Wardrobe Stylist Roman Mihailov / @im_roman_mihailov


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