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'Just us' by Giada Rotundo

The artist was born in 1991 and currently lives and works near Milan, Italy.

The artist's research was at the beginning founded on images of the past. Her art reflected the understanding of what has happened, at times forgotten, but represented in a modern way. Nowadays she has tried to give a major relevance to her art, dealing with issues linked to the environment, ecology, racism and sexual freedom.

She has collaborated with the West Art Collective, The Copeland Gallery, Visioni Altre Gallery, Atelie22, Pira Espacio, Fabbrica del Vapore, Metodo Milano Artist-run Space, Galleria Tirabasso, Passepartout Unconventional Gallery, Enfant Terrible Exhibitions, Galerie Grand Verre and Piano Craft Gallery.


Artist Giada Rotundo / @giada.rotundo


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