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'My Glorious Downfall' by Mathijs Hunfeld

'The work of Mathijs Hunfeld revolves around the American popular culture where a critical and conceptual approach reveals the contradictions within this social realm. Emotional and human experiences of fantasy, desire, and its downfall are communicated physically in his work. Striving towards a world of preserved perfection while reality crumbles and needs resurrection. Do we need to create illusory ideas, even at the cost of emptying them out? A rollercoaster of being labelled, torn apart, and put on the pedestal again. His perspective is a core element in creating work that positions itself between the commercial and the unlucrative. Trying to give the audience a new perspective by visualising how desirability turns into sinister motives. Life is addictive'.

"Uh, crowded space but I feel alone

Eyes on me at all times in a judgment zone Anywhere, from misunderstood they try to patronize They judgin’ my ways, but won’t empathize

Provide for too many people, I can’t jeopardize

But I’ve been breakin’ in half to two separate lives"

(Breakdown by G-Eazy, 2021)

The downside of fame is depicted in this harness series, where a demanding audience causes a splitting personality amid loneliness and hedonistic addictions. In addition to being overly visible, the pop star has become an archetypal and glorified figure. Fame can create an unbearable rollercoaster, with thousands of people constantly judging and expecting you to be flawless. Through a critical lens, Mathijs explores the duality of pop culture, in which desirability turns to sinister motives. These harnesses make a statement, reflected by the use of plastic, and bring the emotional story about the downside of fame to life. A story that never sees the light of day.


Fine Artist Mathijs Hunfeld / @my.glorious.downfall

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