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'Ode to 86' by MAGAWTF?

This editorial, entitled "Ode to 86," draws inspiration from a time when love exuded a delicate yet serene essence—specifically, the year my parents encountered one another, 1986. The creative elements of this project, including the choice of location, styling, casting, and editing, are intricately influenced by the ethos of that era. Set against the backdrop of a pre-digital age, characterized by limited options, individuals embraced the cherished few in their lives and persevered through challenges with resourcefulness. Life, inherently unpredictable, necessitates a journey through its complexities alongside our loved ones, emphasizing the imperative nature of holding them close, for the fragility of existence underscores the potential loss of these meaningful connections at any given moment. - magawtf?


Creative Director Art Director Wardrobe Stylist MagaWtf? / @magawtf_

Photographer Alexandra Obochi / @curatedbyxandra

Creative Director Kayode Adefioye / @mrkayinspired

Model Blessedsing / @blessedsing_claire

Model Vanessa / @nessie.404

Model Esla / @esladanice

Model Paula Odama / @pauliel_

Model Victoria Suleiman /

Model Agafi Abubakar / @abubakar_agafi_

Model Sebastine Thomas / @234legacy


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