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'Skirt n' Studs' by Lola Lorin

The "Skirt n' Studs" project celebrates the art of couture through a true ode to the legacy of Vivienne Westwood.We aspire to pay homage to her iconic collections and creative genius throughout her career, infusing elements of London's signature punk aesthetic. "Skirt" embodies the feminine essence beautifully expressed by Vivienne Westwood in her creations, while "Studs" symbolizes the rebellious and daring dimension of the punk movement that we bring to the fore in the artistic direction of this shoot.


Photography Creative Direction Retouching Lola Lorin / @gazealchemy

Accessory Designer Ines Pineau / @inespineau

Makeup Artist Java Jurkowski / @java_jurkowski

Nail Artist Minty Naily / @mintynaily

Wardrobe Stylist Léa Collet / @xstailys

Model Nina Le Boru / @somebodynamednina

Wardrobe Credits

Wardrobe is composed only by second-hand and thrift shop clothes.

Necklaces and earrings made by Ines Pineau / @inespineau


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