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'The Night Wanderer' by ENSO

"The Night Wanderer, is a deity representing the night in Chinese traditional folk beliefs. Based on the mythological Yeyoushen, this project regards Yeyoushen as a deity who upholds the freedom and dreams of the "nightime" as opposed to the fixed social rules of the "daytime".

As a new member of adulthood, we seem to be constantly oscillating between day and night, trying to explore who we are and the meaning of freedom. We are eager to build a world of our own, but at the same time being fatigue and bind by countless discipline. Facing the ever-shifting worlds of day and night, freedom and discipline, we are always searching for the gravitational pull of our inner convictions, and seeking for a balance of our own".


Photography ENSO / @ennnso

Producer Scanlon

Makeup Hair 汀汀



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