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'Frida Kahlo' by Aleks Faust

Aleks Faust is an artist who works mainly with photography.

However, his practices lay far beyond just photographic images. Aleks

challenges creativity by experimenting with different media: printed

photographs, collages, applications, and paintings. These practices

allow him to look outside the box and create works based on spiritual

and intuitive ways.

Aleks is looking for inspiration everywhere around but also

inside. It is art painting and sculpture in particular that inspire him a

lot in his work. Aleks always has the camera on him. Constant practice

of seeing things through the viewfinder helps develop a vision and

creative skills.

Two core principles run through his work:

• the meditative practice of being present in the moment of

now. "It does not always work, but as in meditation, you

constantly return to the present from the flight in thoughts

and illusions, at that moment, something worthwhile is

born," says Aleks.

• The second is the practice of seeing things not only as a

user but as if he had never seen them before.


Photography Aleks Faust / @phaustov

Model Eloise / @e.l.o.i.s.e.a.n.g.e.l

Makeup Artist Adrienne / @adriennexmua

Stylist Stara / @starringstara

Wardrobe Credits

Jewellery FrogAspect / @frog_aspect


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