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'Housewives Of The Realm' by Maga Halilu

This inaugural editorial marks the debut of "The Realm" photoseries by Magawtf, drawing its creative inspiration from the vibrant pastel palette evocative of the distinctive aesthetic of renowned filmmaker Wes Anderson. Exemplifying a poignant portrayal of contemporary society, this visual narrative delves into the stark dichotomy between the privileged bourgeoisie and the wider social milieu. Situating the models within an idyllic, distant setting removed from the everyday hustle, the imagery captures their indulgent revelry, seemingly oblivious to the societal struggles and current events transpiring beyond their secluded haven. Through this lens, the editorial sheds light on the stark veracity observed by the director, Maga, who consistently perceives the affluent class cocooned within their insular world, detached from the broader societal realities.


Creative Director Wardrobe Stylist Mega Hall /

Photographer BlueNotNice / @bluenotnice

Model Sarah Sokulskyj / @sarahsokulskyj

Hair Stylist Grace Tony / @un.friendlyblackhotty

Fashion Designer Divinethetailor @Smart Divine / @divinethetailor

Model Bilkisu Adam / @bilkeey_

Model Faizah Shuaib / @faizah_shuaib

Model Amina Yahya / @amsicle_

Videographer Paul Abbas / @kothegrapher

Makeup Artist Amanda / @_therealamanda

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