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'I can do it' by Noa Gertz

Exclusive and inspiring project 'I can do it' by 20 years old Israeli, Noa Gertz.

"I was born with a disease called Myelin Myopathy which is a muscle weakness in my body and face and I encountered various insecurities in the years that didn't allow me to fulfil myself as an individual or my dreams. In the last year I have decided to put an end to it, achieve my dreams and become a blogger.

I have started a project called 'I Can Too' that includes a series of fashion productions that also feature people with disabilities and can engage in the activities of brands. I have previously shared with Israeli designers and brands that together, we are presenting and sending a clear message. We also showed that people with imperfect proportions and asymmetrical bodies can engage in the world of fashion and modelling and that we do it just like ordinary people do".

"The following images from 'I can do it' show an Israeli summer experience, a production that combines people with or without disabilities, including models represented by agencies, influencers and network stars. We want to spread our message to the whole world, pushing towards change and acceptance of people with disabilities in the world of fashion and modelling".

!!Full project will be available on WhenWithYou September Issue!!

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Photography Shai Hansav / @shaihansav

Styling Maayan Porat / @_maayann_


Noa Gertz / @noagertz

Uriel Nuri / @uriel_nuri_elf

Einav Cohen / @einav_cohen1

Maya Dagan / @mayadagan

Bar Ben Shimol / @bar_ben_shimol

Liel Peretz / @liel.peretz

Makeup & Hair

Orel Gabay / @orel_gabay10

Meital Shahar / @meital_shahar_hair_makeup

Reut Gur / @reut.gur

Wardrobe Credits

Roz Studio /

Glam Hous / @glamhous

Rayo Swim / @rayo.swim

House of Jaffa / @house_of_jaffa

Retema / @retema

Republic Footwear / @republic_footwear

Minkowskiy /@minkowskiy

Orangie / @orangie_givatayim

Tal Gindi / @talgindi_swimwear

Verno /

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