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'Messing Around' by Lucas Duarte

'I'm very attached to my family photo albums. They bring me good memories but also, in a way, dictates how I like to photograph: make it simple, but full of meaning. At the time, my parents didn't worry about getting the exposure right or anything like that, they focused on the subject, on creating memories and translating their feelings into pictures.

And that was the base for the editorial, as I tried to emulate that cheap analogue camera we used to have and the family photography feel as much as I could. Also, the models were instructed to act as if they were stubborn kids who didn't want to be photographed by their parents, and so they would try to ruin it as much as possible'.


Photography Lucas Duarte / @pequenograndelucas

Wardrobe Stylist Vinicius Martini / @martinivini

Talent Naoki Iwawaki / @naokijapones

Talent Natã Marcchione / @natesabbat_

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