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'Midnight' by Carla Fuster Barahona


Photography Carla Fuster Barahona / @carlafusterphotography

Model Nat Kelly / @nat_kelly represented by Francina Models

Wardrobe Stylist Flora Levi / @floraleviok

Makeup Artist Raquel Gutierrez Mecias / @raquel.gmecias

Wardrobe Credits

1-2 Crop Top by Bevza / @bevza shorts by HYD boots by GUESS / @guess

3-4 Dress by Concepcion Miranda / @concepcionmiranda

5-8 Shirt by COS / @cosstores shorts by HYD boots by GUESS / @guess

9-11 Body by Fernando Alberto Atelier / @fernandoalberto_atelier boots by GUESS / @guess earrings by Fernando Rodríguez

13 Blazer by Concepcion Miranda / @concepcionmiranda necklace by Elisheva & Constance / @elisheva.and.constance

14 Blazer by Concepcion Miranda / @concepcionmiranda


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